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This page has links to mp3s and transcripts. The transcripts are available only in Word documents (not on a web page). .

Monty Python - Penultimate Supper . . mp3 . . text


Pronunciation: fit, fat, foot, feet, flip, flap, flute, float, fought, flirt, flight, fort . . . get the mp3 here (fairly small)

interview: CNN and Travel expert Edward Hasbrouck on bargain airfares and destination

Study the story about the moth and the star. Pay special attention to the prepositions. Practice putting the prepositions back in the blanks. Reading: A Fable, with the prepositions blanked out / with the prepositions Listen to the story--get the mp3 here. Be able to recount the fable in your own words. Be able to comment on the meaning of the story.

Cover of the Rolling Stone mp3 (in a zip file with the karaoke lyrics)

Hotel California lyrics ----- get the mp3 here

Check out some of the many web pages about the meaning of this song: from The Straight Dope (a very interesting sight to explore); from (another cool sight dispelling various popular myths), and from Wikipedia about the album of the same name