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ANS1506 ~ Integrated English Communication Skills, Fall 2017

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Schedule, Fall 2017: Saturdays, Sept 16th - Dec 9th , 9am - 1pm (till noon the 1st 3 weeks), B-4290, 3200 Jean-Brillant  

textbook pdf zipped . . . . listening CDs 1 & 2 (zipped) . . . dvd (zipped)

OCEL (I put it in a zip file so that it would download rather than open in your browser.)

Listening -- Texts and Audio


Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed. (and several other excellent reference works)


93 Commonly Mispronounced Words (audio) z

Tongue Twisters (also available in a Word document)

Vowels: Minimal Pairs try

Vowels and Dipthongs

American Slurvian activity

The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenité (also available in a Word document)

Words to Stress

Rules of Word Stress

46 English Phonemes


Articles: Rules of Use

Articles exercise: Monkeys


Verbs: An overview of the verb system
Two Charts
Verbs: In Search of the Perfect


  1. Outline, with a quiz on definitions
  2. Entries from the Oxford Companion
  3. An Opinionated Guide to Epistemic Modality (good for examples)

Conjunctions: A List

Using Numbers in Your Writing

Gerunds and Adverbs of Purpose

16 Uses of the "~ing" Suffix

Adverbs and Adverbials


Articles (the & a or an)

Nouns, a list of non-count nouns


That and Which

The Past Participle

Prepositions - A list plus definitions of 8 common prepositions

Use of the singular for non-gender specific reference

Questions, five forms

Eight Uses of "Since"