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ANS1506 ~ Integrated English Communication Skills, Fall 2017

Course Plan / Calendar / Class Notes / Content and Goals / Materials
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Schedule, Fall 2017: Saturdays, Sept 16th - Dec 9th , 9am - 1pm (till noon the 1st 3 weeks), B-4290, 3200 Jean-Brillant  
This list of Content and Goals is adapted from the official course plan, combined with the contents of the textbook.


Describing experiences, hopes and plans
Expressing agreement and disagreement
Expressing certainty, probability and doubt
Generalizing and qualifying
Giving precise information and reasons
Managing interaction (changing topic, checking understanding, encouraging another)


The Verb System: tense combinations, simple and continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous; passives, modals
Reported speech
would expressing habits in the past
Direct and indirect speech
Questions (including tag questions)

Textbook: the verb system including modals, conditionals, comparatives, relative clauses


Sentence structure and sentence types (simple compound, etc.)
Topic sentence, controlling ideas, supporting details
Cohesion, coherence
Conventions for different types of writing

Vocabulary (all from the textbook)

social networks & internet, phrasal verbs, cause and effect, ~ing vs ~ed adjectives, colors & color idioms, prefixes, noun formation, money & finance, product journey, personal qualities at work, ~ing vs infinitive

How to Learn a Language

Meta-Cognitive: set goals, establish a systematic approach for learning; monitor
learning, choose and explain strategies for learning and remembering; use resources in
and outside class (web, dictionaries, t.v. newspapers, language exchange); keep a
learning log, a list of favorite errors to eliminate; analyse strengths and weaknesses;
Cognitive: repeat, retell; word analysis, word building; find meaning from context;
brainstorm, organize ideas, freewriting, word mapping, notetaking; infer, predict,
summarize; compare, contrast; distinguish fact from opinion; summarize