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ANS1506 ~ Integrated English Communication Skills, Fall 2017

Course Plan / Calendar / Class Notes / Content and Goals / Materials
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Schedule, Fall 2017: Saturdays, Sept 16th - Dec 9th , 9am - 1pm (till noon the 1st 3 weeks), B-4290, 3200 Jean-Brillant  

Each class will include segments on each of the four skills -- reading, writing, listening, and speaking. However, the order will vary, and sometimes the activities will be combined.

You will have homework and in-class activities every week--writing, language exercises, class activities! You have to keep all that organized in a folder or notebook and turn it all in near the end of the course for grading. You will get feedback and corrections on your work as we progress through the course -- but a grade only at the end.

You are expected to prepare for each class by checking this website and reading the materials for that day (some are linked in the agenda below the calendar).

One: Sept 16th Two: Sept 23rd Three: Sept 30th
Introduction Our goals and obstacles  
Getting to Know Each Other


  Pronunciation basics  
  Learning to listen  
  Fluency practice  
  Your teacher's ideas about learning English  
Four: Oct 7th Five: Oct 14th Six: Oct 21st
    Midterm Exam (15%)

listening & speaking: 9%


reading & writing: 6%


The exam will take 90 minutes (or less). We will have plenty of time for other regular class activities.

Seven: Nov 4th Eight: Nov 11th Nine: Nov 18th
  Project: 10%  
Ten: Nov 25th Eleven: Dec 2nd Twelve: Dec 9th
Composition packet due: 15% Class activites folder due: 25% Final Exam (30%)
Language exercises due: 05%  

listening & speaking: 18%


reading & writing: 12%