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ANS1040: Writing Workshop, Spring 2015

  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • 19h00 - 22h00
  • 5 May - 23 June
  • Room Z-317 Pav. Claire-McNicol

Some essential documents

Course Calendar / Work and Evaluation / Resources /
Please address all emails concerning this course to Also, send an email to that address to have your email address added to the course emailing list.

This is the official calendar. Check the weekly class notes for details and updates. In the course of this course, I have moved from posting those details here to putting everything in one document, the weekly class notes.

Looking for the collection of exercises? Or the instructions for the essays: 01 02 03?

The final exam will be posted here. Meanwhile, here you have a draft of the exam, which was last updated on Saturday morning, 8:30.

All of the exercises we did in the last class were written in the exam document, not in the class notes. And I even remembered to upload the updated version!

You might not need this for the exam, but you might want it for the ideas: Rhetorical Strategies and Organization Patterns.



One: May 5th Two: May 7th Three: May 12th
Introduction, course plan, overview Plan: Topic, Point, Purpose, Info Paragraph focus and development
APP CCS Sentence Beginnings  
  Introductions DUE: Preliminaries for first essay.
  all about the five-paragraph essay  
Four: May 14th Five: May 19th Six: May 21st
In-class activities collection    
APP & the writing process Revisions of first essays  
Errors & writing skills

Due: First essay
Seven: May 26th Eight: May 28th Nine: June 2nd
    Review of 2nd essays
  DUE: Second essay Sentence beginnings
    Punctuation, continued

Ten: June 4th Eleven: June 9th Twelve: June 11th
Thirteen: June 16th Fourteen: June 18th Fifteen: June 23rd
    Final Exam, 20%
  DUE: Third essay
course evaluation  
  Review and prep for the final
When you play an instrument, the language that you speak does not really matter. True, your language and culture would have an effect on your style and phrasing and so forth. But if you can play that instrument, then you have certain basic skills that anyone from any language and culture has. Similar skills are needed by student writers. Those are the skills this course seeks to develop.

One: May 5th back to the top

Two: May 7th back to the top



Three: May 12th back to the top

  • Due: the topic, point, and purpose for your first essay, along with a draft of the intro (or any paragraph).We did several examples of this in class last week.
  • More on paragraph focus and development ~ purpose + strategy = paragraph
  • Basic problems with many plans: too broad, too much content, or, on the contrary, no useful content beyond the obvious
  • Reviews of your plans ~ further refining your purpose
  • The Debate About GMO Safety Is Over, Thanks To A New Trillion-Meal Study
  • Exercise 02 (based on the article linked above)
  • Grammar: Overview of the main parts of a sentence: noun phrase, verb system, adverbials


Four: May 14th back to the top


Five: May 19th back to the top


Six: May 21st back to the top


punctuation (from the Oxford Companion to the English Language)

Seven: May 26th back to the top


Eight: May 28th back to the top


Nine: June 2nd back to the top

Review of the second essays

Sentence beginnings: appositives, introductory series, dependent clause as subject. You will add these three to your repetoire by going through your second essay and revising six sentences to use each of these three types twice.

Punctuation, continued: We will focus on using the comma, the dash, and the semi-colon.

A new aspect of your writing to consider: the use of details, of concrete, specific images and illustrations


Ten: June 4th back to the top


Eleven: June 9th back to the top


Twelve: June 11th back to the top


Thirteen: June 16th back to the top


Fourteen: June 18th back to the top


Fourteen: June 23rd back to the top

Final Exam (spring 2014)

Final Grades