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Anglais 5, niveau B2.1, Spring 2018

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Schedule, Spring 2018: Mondays & Wednesdays, 2 May - 20 June, 9h00 - 12h00, B-4290, 3200 Jean-Brillant

Grammar does not comprise a set of rules. My favorite definition of grammar: "The ability to make a sentence mean what I intend and nothing else." (I wish I could find the source of that again.)

In class, we won't always get to everything listed for a particular day; left-overs will be moved to the next day.

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One: May 2nd Two: May 7th Three: May 9th
Introduction, Course Plan, etc. Unit 1 - Communication  
Getting to Know Each Other   Some entries from Roget's Thesaurus
About learning a language   Words for things you say
Fluency practice topics Phrasal Verbs Tips for traveling in the US
  An overview of the verb system . . . chart Some "Don't"s for traveling in the US
  About grammar and grammars perfect  
  Video for vocabular: Air Travel in Real Life  
  Accents (see Studium for a list of links) Due the 10th: Assignment 1 (on Studium)
Four: May 14th Five: May 16th Six: May 21st
Unit 3    
Articles and quantifiers; the noun phrase  
No Class
Fluency practice    
Hunting Stories    


Seven: May 23rd Eight: May 28th Nine: May 30th
Midterm Exam (15%)    

listening & speaking: 10%

reading & writing: 5%    
Ten: June 4th Eleven: June 6th Twelve: June 11th
Thirteen: June 13th Fourteen: June 18th Fifteen: June 20th
Reading and Writing Project (15%) Final Exam, oral (15%) Final Exam, written (15%)
Collection of quizzes & exercises (10%)