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Course Plan

Schedule, Winter 2011

  • 8h30 - 11h30
  • Mondays
  • 1 October - 17 Dec., plus 7 January
  • Salle 0028, Fac. Amenagement, 2940 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
  • Final Exam: Jan. 7


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Anglais 5, niveau B2.1, Fall 2012

Weekly Course Notes

The textbook is now linked from the course homepage.

If you did not get an email addressed to the class mailing list, please let me know! I use the official list provided by the University; it has only your addresses.

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Collection of Materials (this includes materials from other courses)

Listening Practice



One: October 1

Two: October 8

No Class

Three: October 15


Four: October 22

In-class writing, 5%

Five: October 29

In-class writing, 5%

Six: November 5

Flash presentations, 5%

Seven: Nov. 12

Midterm, 20%

Eight: November 19

In-class writing, 10%

Nine: November 26


Ten: December 3

In-class listening, 5%

Flash presentations, 10%

Eleven: Dec. 10

Work on Orals

Twelve: December 17

Orals due

Preparation for the Final Exam

Thirteen: January 7

Final Exam, 20%

Each class will include some activities from the text book, the accompanying CD-ROM and website, fluency practice, and a grammar or language topic. The first activity will usually entail speaking in small groups, as with the fluency practice (that should help activate you for the rest of the morning).

The 3 listening CDs to accompany the textbook are now available to download or stream.

This calendar may change slightly has the course progresses.


Class One: October 2 . . . back to class chart

  • Introduction to the course
  • Unit 1: Communication

Class Two: October 8 . . . back to class chart

No Class ~ Thanksgiving Day

Class Three: October 15 . . . back to class chart

Class Four: October 22 . . . back to class chart

Class Five: October 29. . . back to class chart

  • In-class writing, 5%

Class Six: November 5 . . . back to class chart

  • Exercise: Corrrections and Comparisons
  • Preview of the midterm exam
  • Flash presentations, 5%
    • You will be given a topic and a few minutes to prepare.
    • You may have notes, but you must speak spontaneously, not just read a script.
    • You will be given certain structures or vocabulary to use.
    • With 22 students, presentations must be kept to about 5 minutes each.
    • Presentations may be recorded for later review, including in-class review and commentary.

Class Seven: November 12. . . back to class chart

  • Midterm exam, 20%
  • A tip: Study the materials on modals!

Class Eight: November 19 . . . back to class chart

  • Due: Revision of your first in-class writing
  • Review of the midterm exam
  • Taking stock: what we have done, not done, and will do
  • Flash presentations -- There is no preparation for this; all will be done in class.
  • In-class writing, 10% -- There is no preparation for this, either; all will be done in class. (In fact, it will be related to the flash presentations.)
  • Instructions given in class for the writing task
    • Take notes on the presentations. Just jot down the main points.
    • Afterwards, choose 2 presentations, then (1) write out the main points in well-formed sentences and (2) write 3-5 sentences in response; start with the question you pose; you might write for or against or add information or some other thoughtful response

Class Nine: November 26 . . . back to class chart

  • Grammar points raised in Unit 4
    • three forms referring to the future
    • this came up also: the difference between "something" and "anything"
    • this will occur on the exam somehow: *"when you will leave, take your hat" is wrong -- you cannot use "will" after when in such a structure
    • a theme of the day: some aspects of grammar have various explanations; overall, the best explanations are the simplest; an example of an erroneous idea: "difference in form implies difference in meaning" -- that may be generally true, but "six of one, half a dozen of the other" gives a counter-example

Class Ten: December 3 . . . back to class chart

Class Eleven: December 10 . . . back to class chart

  • Final Oral Presentations, 20% (part i)

Class Twelve: December 17 . . . back to class chart

  • Final Oral Presentations (part ii)

Class Thirteen: January 7th . . . back to class chart

  • Final Exam, 20%