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ANG1904 ~ Anglais 4, Fall 2017

Course Plan / Calendar / Class Notes / Content and Goals / Materials

Schedule, Fall 2017: Tuesdays, 19h00 - 16h00, 5 Sept - 12 Dec, Final Exam: Dec. 12th & 19th; B-3260  Pav. 3200 J.-Brillant

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ANG1904-B, Fall 2017: Our goals

What we need to talk about, language skills we need, and the grammar we need

This list is taken directly from the course plan. It is presented in the same order as in the course plan; however, we will not go through the list in this order. For example, we will cover most of the grammar topics before the midterm (yet you will be expected to use that grammar correctly later in your presentations and in the oral final exam). The specific topics include everything that the group listed during the first class, and they may be modified as we progress (some need to be further specified). This version of the list includes links to the necessary resources, and this is the version that may be modified as we progress.

  1. Understanding the essential points in conversations regarding familiar aspects of these situations:

    1. job scheduling and duties
    2. courses (homework, exams, scheduling, comparing schools here and there)
    3. movies, sports, and other leisure activities
  1. Talking with the natives while traveling
    1. directions
    2. places to go, things to do
    3. eating out, or ordering in
    4. transport, getting around
  1. Simple discourse on familiar subjects and topics of interest
    1. news and current events
    2. politics
    3. technology
    4. where you are from
    5. food
    6. music
    7. photography
    8. science 
  1. Expressing yourself
    1. tell something that happened (not to you)
    2. tell something that happened to you
    3. express you hopes and dreams and goals
    4. explain a project and explain your reasons -- what you want to do and why
    5. explain an idea
  1. Express actions in the recent past
  2. Describe an object -- it's characteristics and uses (We will choose the objects in class.)
  3. Give advice (We will choose the topics in class.)
  4. Express degrees of certainty (or of ignorance)
  5. Write a news story, both with and without commentary (You will choose your topic.)
  6. Transmit information (We will choose the topics in class.)
  7. Use discourse connectors to recount an event in the order that things happend
  8. Express a wish or desire
  9. Express your feelings (hope, indifference, enthusiasm, etc.)
  10. Express rules, obligations, restrictions, and such
  11. Describe habits, both yours and others
  12. Give suggestions, propose something
  13. Tell a story (in the past)
  1. The verb system - an overviewtwo chartsproblems with perfection
  2. Common strong verbs (aka “irregular” verbs) extra: a longer list
  3. Modals -- definitions and usage notesentry from the Oxford Companionoverview
  4. Common conjunctions: and, but, or, so, either, neither, because, even though, although
  5. Talking about the future
  6. Adverbials of time
  7. Subject-verb agreement
  8. Expressing quantities and non-count nouns
  9. Personal pronouns
  10. Common expressions with auxiliaries: would you mind, have got to, etc.
  11. Questions -- five forms