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ANS1406 ~ Integrated English Communication Skills, Spring 2018

Calendar / Class Notes / Resources / Course Plan
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Schedule, Spring 2018: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9h00 - 12h00, B-3290, 3200 Jean-Brillant  

See an overview of the course work

One: May 1st Two: May 3rd Three: May 8th
Introduction, Course Plan, etc. Our goals and obstacles  
Getting to Know Each Other Pronunciation basics, 93 words the verb system pps . . two charts text
About learning a language Learning to listen your TED talks (see list on resource page)
  Fluency practice more from Chapter 1 (pp. 9ff)
  Chapter 1 93 commonly mispronounced words
  vocabulary: some ways to approach it Listening exercise: Every Business Meeting Ever
    fluency practice
    16 ways you can use ~ing
Four: May 10th Five: May 15th Six: May 17th
sense vocabulary    
Simplify legal jaron?    
question forms    
chapter 2    
review of previous exam    
reading aloud as phonetic practice  


Seven: May 22nd Eight: May 24th Nine: May 29th
  Midterm Exam (15%)  

listening & speaking: 10%

  reading & writing: 5%  
Ten: May 31st Eleven: June 5th Twelve: June 7th
Thirteen: June 12th Fourteen: June 14th Fifteen: June 19th
    Final Exam (30%)

listening & speaking: 20%


reading & writing: 10%